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The Frontiers of Engineering is an international journal with a purpose to enhance our engineering and technical knowledge dissemination in the world under the valuable academic communication principle. Papers submitted could be research papers, and conference reports. other types of writtings that are engineering and technology related.All manucript submitted will and should be peer reviewed and the valuable papers will be considered for the publication after the peer review. The Authors are responsible to the contents of their articles.

Editor-in-chief: Tarri de Borbón, Ph.D. (U.S.)
Editors: Abu CRIBB (U.S.), Sophia MONGIE (U.S.), Tilla Arabella THERESIA, Ph.D. (Germany)
Staff: Yuanyuan WU (U.S.), WANG Yongkang (Japan)
Reviewers: Various in each issue.

Introduction to Authors

1. General Information

1) Goals: As an international journal published both print and online, Frontiers of Engineering is dedicated to the dissemination of fundamental knowledge in all areas of science and nature. The main purpose of Frontiers of Engineering is to enhance our knowledge spreading in the world under the valuable academic communication principle. It publishes full-length papers (original contributions), reviews, rapid communications, and any debates and opinions in all the fields of engineering.
2) What to do: Frontiers of Engineering provides a place for discussion of engineering research, theory, philosophy profession and technology - that will drive engineering progress. Research reports and regular manuscripts that contain new and significant information of general interest are welcome.
3) Who: All People are welcome to submit manuscripts in any fields of engineering.
4) Distributions: The online journal will be distributed to the selected libraries and institutions. For the subscription of other readers please contact with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
5) Advertisements: The price will be calculated as US$1000/page, i.e., US$600/a half page, US$300/a quarter page, etc. Any size of the advertisement is welcome.

2. Manuscript Submission

1) Submission Methods: Only electronic submission through e-mail is accepted.
2) Software: The Microsoft Word file will be preferred.
3) Font: Normal, Times New Roman, 10pt, single space.
4) Manuscript: Don't use "footnote" or "Header and Footer".
5) Cover Page: Put detail information of authors and a short title in the cover page.
6) Title: Use Title Case in the title and subtitles, e.g. "Debt and Agency Costs".
7) Figures and Tables: Use full word of figure and table, e.g. "Figure 1. Annual Income of Different Groups", Table 1. Annual Increase of Investment".
8) References: Cite references by "last name, year", e.g. "(Smith, 2003)". References should include all the authors' last names and initials, title, journal, year, volume, issue, and pages, etc.
Reference Examples:
Journal Article: Julia Y, Abu C, Sophia M, Tilla AT. This is the article title. Science and Nature, 2012; 1(1): 33-39.
Book: Berkowitz BA, Katzung BG. Basic and clinical pharmacology. ZolCat Academic House. Brooklyn, New York, USA. 2012: 320-338.
9) Submission Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
10) Reviewers: Authors are encouraged to suggest 2-8 competent reviewers with their name and e-mail.

3. Manuscript Preparation

Each manuscript is suggested include the following components but authorscan do their own ways.
1) Title page: Including the complete article title; each author's full name, institution(s) with which each author is affiliated, with city, state/province, zip code, and country; and the name, complete mailing address, telephone number, fascimile number (if available), and e-mail address for all correspondence;
2) Absctract: Including backgroung, materials and methods, results, and conclusions;  normally 150-250 words;
3) Keywords: Four to Eight keywords;
4) Introduction;
5) Materials and Methods;
6) Results;
7) Discussions;
8) Conclusions;
9) Acknowledgements: Including the funding details.
10) References.

4. Copyright and Responsibility of Authors


When the manuscript(s) is submitted to the journal, the authors agree the following: All the authors have participated sufficiently in this work; The article is not published elsewhere; Authors are responsibility on the contents of the article; The journal has the total copyright of the article at the beginning of submission no matter whether the copyright form is signatured or not; The auhtor(s) should not use it by anyway without the permission from the journal.


5. About Withdrawal

When the manuscript(s) has entered the publishing process, if the author(s) asked for withdrawal of the manuscript, there would generate a renewed invoice because of the additional fee for withdrawal as $50USD. At the same time, the old invoice and the copyright should be abolished since the renewed condition of the manuscript.

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Journal Publisher and Printer:
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