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Ø  Frontiers of Engineeing. Quarterly.

Ø  Journal of Computer Sciences. Quarterly.

Ø  iThink. Quarterly.


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Ø  (ZCAC) ZolCat Academic Carnival for Editors and Reviewers.  (July 5-72016)

Ø  (ICIEM) International Conference on Information Engineering and Management. (July 28-302016)

Ø  (ICAMEE) International Conference on Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering. (August 17-202016)

Ø  (ICDAST) International Conference on Development and Applications of Science and Technology. (September 9-11, 2016 )


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Ø  WANG Ziqiang, SUN Xia, SUN Lijun. Two-dimensional approximately harmonic projection for gait recognition. Science and Nature (2013) 2(2): Page Pending.

Ø  JIN Xin. On Construction of Fee Waiver System in Judicial Identification. Forensic Science Seminar (2015) 5(3): Page Pending.

Ø  XU Pian, ZHANG Song, MENG Qingfang, ZHENG Jing. Determine the Content of Ethanol in Blood by Headspace Gas Chromatography. Forensic Science Seminar (2015) 5(3): Page Pending.

Ø  TU Qiyong, XIA Zepei. Intracranial injury with severe shaking trauma - Spinal subarachnoid hemorrhage and Simon-bleeding of the cervical spine. Forensic Science Seminar (2016) 6(1): Page Pending.

Ø  JIANG Wenhao, TAO Daiqin, YIN Zhiyong, LIU Shengxiong. Experimental study on the impact of low-frequency vibration and applications of the detection system for the body static balance function. Frontiers of Engineering (2017) 1(1): Page Pending.