About ZolCat

The ZolCat Academic House


ZolCat, is an international non-profit organization dedicated to advancing science around the world by serving as an educator, leader, spokesperson and professional association. In addition to organizing membership activities, ZolCat publishes the journal Science and Nature, as well as many scientific newsletters, books and reports, and spearheads programs that raise the bar of understanding for science worldwide.


Membership and Programs


Open to all, ZolCat membership includes a subscription to Science and Nature. Four primary program areas fulfill the ZolCat mission:


Ø  Science and Policy

Ø  International Activities

Ø  Education and Human Resources

Ø  Project ZolCat


ZolCat Mission


ZolCat seeks to "To advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people." To fulfill this mission, the ZolCat Board has set the following broad goals:


Ø  Enhance communication among scientists, engineerings, and the public;

Ø  Promote and defend the integrity of science and its use;

Ø  Strengthen support for the science and technology enterprise;

Ø  Provide a voice for science on societal issues;

Ø  Promote the responsible use of science in public policy;

Ø  Strenghthen and diversity the science and technology workforce;

Ø  Foster education in science and technology for everyone;

Ø  Increase public engagement with science and technology; and

Ø  Advance international cooperation in science.


Together We Can Make a Difference


Join ZolCat Today and Help Make A Difference


ZolCat is a voice for science and a valuable personal resource for scientists around the globe.


As a member of ZolCat your involvement actively supports programs that:


Ø  Help governments formulate science policy

Ø  Promote advancements in science education

Ø  Increase diversity in the scientific community

Ø  Use science to advance human rights

Ø  Assist individual scientists in developing their careers

Ø  Communicate the value of science to the general public


If these issues matter to you, become a ZolCat Member today, and help make a difference.


In addition to supporting critical programs, your ZolCat Membership gives you access to cutting edge research with a one year subscription to Science and Nature, one of the world's most respected peer reviewed journals.


Your subscription includes delivery of issues of Science and Nature, online access to ZolCat's website and complete archive, discounts on specialty journals from ZolCat Academic House, and more.


ZolCat + U= Change. Together we can make a difference. Join ZolCat today.


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